Treasure Island

I’ve been living in San Francisco for so many years, and never found a reason to visit Treasure Island. Until I realized just recently, that is the fact that I never been there, the only reason I need to go.

Finally, a day with no rain and with free time to spare, I jumped in the car and made it to Treasure Island for a new adventure.  

What I found was the most exquisite landscape, filled with abandoned buildings, shipping wagons and storage units. I spent a couple of hours photographing everything I could. Here are some pictures of the experience! 



High Art in Low Places

A few years ago, I started the hashtag #highartinlowplaces - which I use, every time I take a picture of accidental, streetart. Those unintended masterpieces that are mostly overlooked, because they are not hanging from the walls of a gallery or a museum; but are found in the lowest areas of the city. 

Later, other fellow photographers adopted this hashtag for the same kind of pictures. Now the hashtag #highartinlowplaces have been used over  20k times in Instagram, and the number of users keeps growing!! 😎 

Check out the Instagram page here:

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The Artist’s Dilemmas!

I have been working on this painting for a while now! I abandoned it a couple of times, every time feeling it wasn’t finished, and I needed to do something else. Although, other people who saw it thought it was done. 

Two days ago, I decided to take it out of the closet again, and see if I could finally take it where it needs to go.  I spent a few hours, adding, removing, adding again. The process made me so frustrated and anxious! For some reason I felt this pressure to finish it!! Suddenly, this sharp pain on my neck, forced me to stop and take a break.  Finally, while resting away from the studio, I asked myself: Why the hurry?  

I went back to the studio this morning, before I did anything else, and took a good look at the piece. There she was, resting on my  easel, soundly asleep, like a beast finally taking a break after some serious beating. 

This prompted me to wonder: Is the piece being resilient or is it me?   am I pushing too hard? Do I need to slowdown? What am I even looking for?  Where am I going? 


Unwritten Signs

I  am always fascinated by signs that are fading away or getting rusted or altered by some graffiti. I love the way the letters start to disappear, but you can still sort of read the message. 

There is a visual beauty in these decaying signs. A sign that the time is passing and the message disappearing, as if it was never written.  



What an amazing way to start 2019! First, I am featured in a book among 49 other collage female artists around the world! (Check earlier post) And this past week I learned that I sold 2 of my abstract paintings!  One of small Geometrics painting through and this large abstract expressionists painting: “Innocence” -at the SFWA Artist Gallery show: “World of Abstraction”!

Congratulations to the lucky  collectors!! And thank you to Artlyowl and the SFWA Art Gallery for making it possible! 

Your support is greatly appreciated! And it encourages me to continue doing what I do!  

Thank you!