“Be Here”

What an amazing night, last night! At 111 Minna Gallery.

I was so stunned to see how all the art pieces were  glowing with the black light! They looked incredible!  

Aslo very happy that my painting “Be Here” found its home!   

Thank you for supporting local artists!!  


Treasure Island

I’ve been living in San Francisco for so many years, and never found a reason to visit Treasure Island. Until I realized just recently, that is the fact that I never been there, the only reason I need to go.

Finally, a day with no rain and with free time to spare, I jumped in the car and made it to Treasure Island for a new adventure.  

What I found was the most exquisite landscape, filled with abandoned buildings, shipping wagons and storage units. I spent a couple of hours photographing everything I could. Here are some pictures of the experience!