Order & Chaos

Order (Geometric Series): I’ve been working in San Francisco’s Financial District for more than a decade, and very day I walk through a landscape of high rise buildings and other architectural structures. I started to photograph the fractal patterns of the structured environment and its coexistence with the chaotic forces of nature. I found new geometric and irregular patterns generating from the sunlight and its interface with the city. Photographing these shadows is what inspired me to start a series of paintings based on geometry. My intention when paintings, is not only to capture the spacial urban structure, but also capture the chaotic energy that burst out right from the middle of the organized environment. 

Chaos (Expressionist Series):  In the midst of the clean and orderly city, there is another beauty that spurs out by chance or accident. Such beauty emerges from the mundane, dirty and filthy areas.  I began to photograph the neglected and ignored areas of the city.  Shooting decayed walls, ripped posters, graffiti and any other type of street art. Same as above, I observed how some sort of order was colliding with the chaotic and the unexpected.  

At first, I was insecure about photographing filth and decay, as I didn't think others would find it "beautiful". But thanks to the social media, I became aware of a certain photographic trend related to this. This was a major motivation and personal excitement! Growing up in El Salvador,  I was surrounded by  poverty, decay, filth and chaos. I felt as if all the pain and suffering of the people, was being painted in the walls. This is what moves me to paint. It has been moving me since I was a child. Looking at the purest form of beauty! so innocent and so unaware of itself.