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ART ACADEMY  - Behind the Canvas interview with Dilcia Giron                                                                                     https://blog.artsquare.com/behind-the-canvas-interview-artist-dilcia-giron/

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Artist Spotlight By Dpak September 15, 2016 

Regardless of the re-opening of the highly-lauded SF MoMa a few months ago, it has been said more recently than in past years, that here in San Francisco, art is dead. And to that I would say, “is it?”
Let’s not discredit or disservice our artists who are, as far as I can tell with my own eyeballs and also meeting them, creating works both indicative of their NorCal environment, as well as the the cultural milieu (aka “tech-topia, the tech scene, silcion-valley-the-HBO-years, etc). YES – artists’ studios are being pushed out, often in favor of offices or housing that in the end we can somehow blame on Travis Kalanick or Mark Zuckerberg every time.  It’s a travesty, truly. BUT, that’s not what this particular word-story is about. It’s about an artist from El Salvador, living in San Francisco, and creating art that is very much, alive. 

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ARTIST A DAY - Collages Artist Dilcia Giron

Dilcia explains the work by saying, “even though I work with a variety of art techniques, I enjoy working with collages the best. All my original collages are made by the traditional method of cutting and pasting images from fashion and editorial magazines. My intention is to explore new ways of reality, by providing a glimpse into the subconscious mind. Each collage is visual storytelling, in which dreams, myths, bizarre and irrational realities are described. They also can carry a spiritual dimension, the symbols within my artwork are set to awaken associations, thoughts and feelings within the viewer, providing a confrontation with the hidden self.”