“Another Frida”

I was invited to participate in a “Frida Kahlo” art show “Many Personas of Frida” But I didn’t want to wear “Frida”, paint “Frida” Instead I wanted to be “Frida” the Artist! And the only way for me to accomplish this was by painting my own portrait in ‘Frida’ inspired manner. So I set up a mirror next to my easel, and painted my portrait.

And just as Frida, I wanted to capture the pain and beauty we both carry in our story.

“Another Frida” will be on display at The Laundry, part of a group show called

“Many Personas of Frida”

Exhibitions dates: 07/27/2018 to 08/29/2018

Opening Reception: 7/27 from 7pm to 10pm

The Laundry

3359 26th St, SF