The Artist’s Dilemmas!

I have been working on this painting for a while now! I abandoned it a couple of times, every time feeling it wasn’t finished, and I needed to do something else. Although, other people who saw it thought it was done. 

Two days ago, I decided to take it out of the closet again, and see if I could finally take it where it needs to go.  I spent a few hours, adding, removing, adding again. The process made me so frustrated and anxious! For some reason I felt this pressure to finish it!! Suddenly, this sharp pain on my neck, forced me to stop and take a break.  Finally, while resting away from the studio, I asked myself: Why the hurry?  

I went back to the studio this morning, before I did anything else, and took a good look at the piece. There she was, resting on my  easel, soundly asleep, like a beast finally taking a break after some serious beating. 

This prompted me to wonder: Is the piece being resilient or is it me?   am I pushing too hard? Do I need to slowdown? What am I even looking for?  Where am I going?