Live Painting at 111 Minna Gallery

I was invited to paint live for an event, at 111 Minna Gallery. I don’t get money for this. I do it because I enjoy it. Although I have decided to start charging for any other Live Painting event.

The experience at Minna was a peculiar one!  I painted on stage and the only light I had available was a very dimmed color light. I couldn’t distinguish any of the colors I was using to paint. The easel  was set up way too low and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. 

On top of that, I had arrived late, due to horrible traffic; I was exhausted, my eyes were sore due to lack of sleep, and my back was killing me! 

There were only two alternatives: paint and do your best! Or get irritated and paint and see what happens!! 

I decided to go with the first! Blindly, I started applying colors here and there, and I moved all around the easel, and painted without looking directly at the canvas. 

I painted and I did my best!  

And this is the result! 👇🏼 

The feedback I got was incredible! Made it all worth it! 😊