Art in San Francisco is Not Dead: Artist You Need to Know, Dilcia Giron

Art in SF is Not Dead: Artist You Need to Know, Dilcia Giron
Artist Spotlight By Dpak September 15, 2016 

Regardless of the re-opening of the highly-lauded SF MoMa a few months ago, it has been said more recently than in past years, that here in San Francisco, art is dead. And to that I would say, “is it?”
Let’s not discredit or disservice our artists who are, as far as I can tell with my own eyeballs and also meeting them, creating works both indicative of their NorCal environment, as well as the the cultural milieu (aka “tech-topia, the tech scene, silcion-valley-the-HBO-years, etc). YES – artists’ studios are being pushed out, often in favor of offices or housing that in the end we can somehow blame on Travis Kalanick or Mark Zuckerberg every time.  It’s a travesty, truly. BUT, that’s not what this particular word-story is about. It’s about an artist from El Salvador, living in San Francisco, and creating art that is very much, alive. 

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