Chaos and Fractals

For the last 3 to 4 years, I have been an explorer. Walking around the city, looking for shadows, reflections and rhythms. Looking where no one else is looking. Converting any experience into an Artistic experience, regardless of the nature of the experience. 

I've observed shadows and the random patterns they create, the distortions of reflections, the chaos and the rhythms that is everywhere. These observations of my surroundings is what inspired me to create a series of paintings based on Patterns, Rhythms and Abstract Forms.  

I am happy to announce my SOLO PAINTING EXHIBIT: CHAOS AND FRACTALS - a collection of 21 paintings, based in all my observations (so far!). Please join me on Thursday August 1st, from 6PM to 9PM for the Opening Reception - at HOTEL BIRON - Wine Bar and Art Gallery located at 45 ROSE ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA