Pinot’s Palette Experience!!

I am very disappointed and demoralized by my recent experience at Pinot’s Palette/Fillmore location.

Back in May I was offered the opportunity to teach on Saturday nights. After interviewing with the owner and doing my first class, they hired me! But I was never given any paperwork. The owner told me I was going to be paid every 2 weeks, and that the artist receives the tips of the night.

Basically- the owner, is very shady.

On my second class, he didn’t give me the tips. Although I saw the tip jar filled with bills.

When I questioned him about it, he gave me some bullshit answer, and sent me the tips for the night later 🙄 I think he assumed: this is one of those latinas who is afraid to speak up! 🤨 and assumed I would never questioned him about it.

I learned from the other artists (mind you, they are White) that they get their tips immediately after each class. And that they are also in the “payroll system”- they submit their hours to the payroll company and they get paid on time.

So...after bringing up the “tips” issue, I also demanded that I am put in the payroll system.

He hands me a bunch of paper work to complete, which I do. And asked for proof of citizenship, which I provided by texting him a pic of my password.

2 weeks later, after a class, I inquired about payment and my tips. He tells me “we will make you whole next week, send the hours to the store manager”. (I don’t insist, because he is obviously very drunk, as he likes to join in the sipping aspect of the night) and I leave.

The next day, I sent my hours to the store manager and I also make a point that I did not receive my tips. The store manager shoots a text back, telling me he doesn’t handle any of that and to talk to the owner, who was being copied on the texts.

The following Saturday, I had an art event at Seccesion and I asked one of the other artists to fill in for me.

I still haven’t gotten paid.

I sent a text, again and asked, where is my payment and where are my tips. The owner tells me that he is taking off for Hawaii and requested my address so he can mail me the check. He also, asked for my hours AGAIN!!

Another week, and I get no check! I get to work on Saturday night and the store manager is there!! I asked if the owner perhaps left my check with him. He said No. 🤨 He also tells me, that I received some negative feedback from the last class, that “I was rushing and people couldn’t follow my instructions”... at first I was super demoralized!! Because I know well that I always take my time to help each person. When suddenly I realized that the class he was referring, was the class I did not teach! And the feedback wasn’t for me, but the person who replaced me. I get no apologies for this, and no payment either! 🙄

It’s been 4 weeks now, and I have no check. Fed up, I sent a text to the owner demanding payment and also asking if I am in the payroll system!! He apologized for forgetting to mail the check and asked if he could Venmo the money. I said sure. But please put me in the payroll system so that this doesn’t happen again!! He continues to ignored my questions about the payroll. At 2 AM in the morning, I get a notification from Venmo that payment was sent. I let him and his wife know that I received the payment. And sent a message demanding the following: Check every 2 weeks, tips right after each class.

Suddenly... I have been silently booted out! 🤨 Obviously, demanding fair treatment is unacceptable! and they don’t want me back! 😕 Shady business owners, always taking advantage of the latino immigrants! 😏👎🏼 You find them everywhere!!

You can make the border wall as high as you want! But nothing is more scary than the invisible walls we face everywhere, once we make it here!!